Business and Economy of Bahadurgarh

Business in Bahadurgarh

The economy of Bahadurgarh over the past two decades has just moved in one direction, the positive. Its grown from strong to stronger. One of the major reasons for this is because of its geographical location. It may not be part of Delhi but its part of the National Capital Region. Its only two kilometres away from the Delhi Tikri border. Labour and land are pretty inexpensive too. This lures industrialist from the capital to set up shop Bahadurgarh.

Many companies have opened up their factories in this part of Haryana. Because of this its become a mini Industrial hub. These industries have employed and helped so many people of the region to get better lives. Adding to this, the underway Delhi metro extension to Bahadurgarh will give it such a superior edge. This will cause such ease and comfort in travelling to and fro between Delhi and Bahadurgarh. This will also increase its accessibility in approaching Bahadurgarh, thereby increasing its economic strength even more

The industrial growth Bahdurgarh has witnessed since its liberalisation is tremendous. Its been said that the economy of Bahadurgarh has increased by 20%, compounded annually on its growth rate, in the last 20 years. This growth has also helped people who migrated from partitioned areas 60 years ago in regaining their livelihood by employment.

Since this rapid industrial growth has started, in Bahadurgarh and a few towns in the region, around 2,500 units of small scale and large scales industries have been established that has been clocking a turnover of Rs 6,500 crore annually and has been employing 50,000 people.

Plastic and Footwear Industries in Bahadurgarh

Agriculture may be considered the prime occupation of the region but 20% of the total revenue of Bahadurgarh comes from footwear and plastic manafacturing. Though Bahadurgarh is knows for its footwear, the plasitc industry is the true backbone for this town. Its supply of plastic not only supports the footwear industry but supports all the industries in some way or another too. This makes the plastic industry extremely important for the other industries to survive in Bahadurgarh.

List of Plastic and Footwear Industries in Bahadurgarh

Here is a list of all the plastic and footwear manafacturing companies in Bahadurgarh:

  • Today Footwear Pvt. Ltd.
  • Sunplast Industries
  • Krishna Footwears Industries
  • Mangla Plastic Industries
  • Ankur Enterprises
  • Technocrat Mouldings p Ltd.
  • Techno Plast Industries
  • Relaxo Footwear Ltd.
  • Balaji International
  • Ena Footwear Pvt. Ltd.
  • Ambay Footwear
  • Yash Tools
  • Greenline Polymer Pvt. Ltd.
  • Sai International
  • Rainbow Polimers
  • Manocha Polymers Pvt. Ltd.
  • Kanan Plastic Products Pvt. Ltd.
  • Fore Group
  • Hillson Footwear Pvt. Ltd.
  • Aerobok Shoe Pvt. Ltd.
  • Design Age
  • Laxmi Polymers
  • Piyush Shoes india
  • Mehta Footwear Co.
  • Maysun Footwear Industries

List of Companies in Bahadurgarh

Here is a list of all the general companies in Bahadurgarh:

  • Akon Electronics India Pvt Ltd
  • Alfa Flexitubes Pvt Ltd
  • B S Technologies
  • Bagga Industries
  • Belco Pharma
  • Coim India Pvt Ltd
  • Crown Gaskets India
  • Deepak Transformers & Switchgears
  • Duratuf Glass Industries Pvt Ltd
  • Eastern Automotive Machine Tools Pvt Ltd
  • Garg Inox Ltd
  • Glass Equipment India Ltd
  • Khera Chemical Industries
  • Masu Brakes Pvt Ltd
  • Mcraygor Mechanicals Pvt Ltd
  • Mega Plast Engineers
  • NEOLITE ZKW Lightings Pvt Ltd
  • Schablona India Ltd
  • Somany Ceramics Ltd
  • Zeco Aircon Ltd
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