Food in Bahadurgarh

The people of Bahadurgarh enjoy simple food. As Hinduism is the prime religion here, the inhabitants are mainly vegetarian. They enjoy spicy and rich cuisine consisting of ample dairy products. However, with fast urbanization and intermingling of cultures, Chinese and continental food have also found a place in the cuisine of Bahadurgarh.

General Food Items in Bahadurgarh

The most common ingredients found in the cuisine of Bahadurgarh are curd and milk. Other common items are wheat, rice, bajra and some fresh vegetables. Some of the common spices used in cooking are garlic, ginger, garam masala, cumin seeds, black pepper and red chili powder. People use a lot of butter and ghee in almost all preparations.

Daily Meals in Bahadurgarh

Food in Bahadurgarh

Both rotis and rice are generally eaten every day. The specialty of rotis lie in the fact that they are prepared from wheat, gram flour and barley.  Some of the famous roti varieties are Besan Masala Roti and Bajra Aloo Roti. These rotis are accompanied with various dishes like singri ki sabzi, kadhi, kadai hara cholia, bathua raita, methi gajar and tamatar chutney. Among all these dishes, Kadai hara cholia is the spiciest dish. It is made with cottage cheese, hara channa and spices.

The Kadhi served with rice is a unique preparation of gram flour, curd, onions, potatoes and spices. Another side dish commonly seen in daily meals is Bathua Raita. It is made with curd, bathua and spices. Gajar methi is a unique preparation of methi leaves, tomatoes, spices and carrots. Above all, no food is complete without lassi, sherbet and buttermilk.

Festival Food Items in Bahadurgarh

People enjoy traditional food during festivities. Mal pua is mostly made on such occasions. It is prepared with flour, ghee, milk and jaggery. Other sweets made at home are peda, kheer, churma, laddu and raabri. Thandai prepared with milk is a popular traditional drink.

Desserts in Bahadurgarh

Desserts in Bahadurgarh

The people of Bahadurgarh are fond of desserts. These delicacies are simple and are easily made at homes. Gajar-ka-Halwa is a favorite dessert prepared with dry fruits and grated carrots that are simmered in sweet thick milk. Kheer is an easy recipe that is made with raisins and rice that is simmered in sweet thick milk. Raabri is a famous dessert in Bahadurgarh.

Dhabas and Fast Food Corners in Bahadurgarh

There are many street side dhabas and fast food corners found along the streets of Bahadurgarh. Yummy Fast Food located at New Rohtak Road is famous for various types of Chinese food like hakka noodles and hot soups. Dhabas like Dalal Dhaba and Muskan Dhaba are famous for offering mouth-watering snacks. Billu De Mashoor Pakode is a prominent food joint well known for delicious pakodas, kachouris and chaats. All these food joints are crowded with food lovers generally in the evenings.

Restaurants in Bahadurgarh

Besides dhabas, many exotic restaurants are also located in Bahadurgarh such as Polka Restaurant and Royal Restaurant in Mie Phase-1. All types of cuisines such as continental, Chinese, North Indian and South Indian food are found here. Other renowned restaurants are Food Paradise and Om Restaurant.

With so many options to choose from, the people of Bahadurgarh have a nice time while having their delicious meals.
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